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Whether you’ve accidently locked yourself out of your house or broken your car key in the car’s ignition, the professionals at My Locksmith Pro can handle all your needs. We are highly trained and experienced and our quick and efficient service is available to help make your day run smoother. With our main office located in Myrtle Beach, we are close enough to reach Pawleys Island in no time. Our service area covers many of the surrounding areas as well, so help is always close by.

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Automotive Locksmith Services

With modern cars, locking your keys in them can mean more than a headache. The complicated electronics of it all can produce real problems. Our professionals have the experience to get you into your car fast. With 24/7 service, we will arrive in 20 minutes or less and handle your needs in as little time as possible while doing the job correctly. If you’ve broken your car key in the ignition or door, we can make a replacement for you on the spot and easily extract the broken key. Whether you’re out for a day at the beach or heading home late at night, we are available to make sure you get there fast. Getting you back on the road and traveling happily is our goal.

Why choose our Residential Locksmith services?

The need for changing the locks on your house may not arise often, but when it does, choose a professional who will make sure all your locks are fitted properly.

  • Fix, replace or install any domestic lock or locks you need.
  • We can handle all doors, including sliding glass doors.

Our years of experience in looking for all the entries to your home and getting them all protected without damaging your property is the foundation of our commitment. From main locks to secure deadbolts, we know what to look for and how to recommend the right lock to fit your needs. And getting into your home after locking the keys inside the house can be handled easily as well. Don’t forget about your new home. Changing the locks should be the first on your list of things to do. We will make sure that the only people who have keys to your new investment are you.


Dependable, Professional, and Faster Than you Think

Make Appointment

Our locksmith team is ready to help with a range of services. Whether it’s a common lockout or a complicated security system, as the best service providers we have the expertise to deal with it all.

We Arrive Within 1 Hour

Our locksmith team is dedicated to offering instant professional help. Need help? No worries! We guarantee to reach your place within just 1 hour to address your locksmith needs.

Solve Your Problem

We’re the ultimate locksmith professionals, ready to tackle all your problems regarding locks! From lockouts to replacing locks and auto key replacements, our locksmith is acknowledged by locals as problem solvers.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you have a traditional business, we will provide easy and efficient locks to all your entryways. No matter how big or how small your business is, we will install or change any locks you need for offices, conference rooms, private rooms, server rooms and even file cabinets. Our professionals can assist you in deciding if one lock or multiple locks is better for your business. We can also construct Keyless entry systems if that’s your system of choice. We’ve got the experience and the know-how to help you make the best decisions for your business needs.

If you have a rental home, your locks can suffer damage and deterioration from the salty air and will need regular maintenance and eventually replacement. And then there are the renters themselves. Not all renters are responsible or trustworthy. Some may lose the keys and others may pose more serious concerns. Occasionally you need to change the locks to secure your rental home. We have been changing locks for years and know how to keep your rental home secure.

Whether you’re looking for a new lock, replacement or stuck in a situation that requires emergency attention, we are there to help you. We guarantee that we will reach you within 20 minutes or less and work efficiently with the most affordable pricing. You will also feel safe and secure with our technicians who are well trained, knowledgeable and friendly too. The peace of mind you’re looking for is only a phone call away. Our fast and friendly service will ease you back into the calm pace of life you know so well on Pawleys Island.

Call our exclusive locksmith service at 843-900-4111 for all your lock and key needs today!


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